PCSuite Backup Pro 2 Full Version Code

PCSuite Backup Pro 2 automatically creates backup copy of your data. The program stores the backup on your hard drive or an external mass storage, for example, a USB flash drive or a network drive. You can compress your backup data, set a password, and specify at what intervals backups are created.

PCSuite Backup Pro supports incremental backup and expands your archive with only the files that have changed or created. The software keeps track of your backup version and only restores necessary files. In the event of system crash, it allows you to restore files using the rescue CD feature.

Key Features:

  • Easy data backup
  • Backs up, without interfering with the ongoing work
  • Direct 1:1 copy or continuous backups
  • Simple, wizard-driven interface
  • Backups can be protected with password
  • Different possible backup plans
  • Fuse also (favorable) pcsuite ONLINE BACKUP service possible
  • Supports external hard drives, network drives and USB sticks

How to grab your free license (value $20):

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