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If you need a quick tool to erase text and images from PDF files then PDF Eraser is the right tool for you. The program interface does not support drag and drop, so PDF files have to be manually added using the file browser. The interface displays the pages of the PDF file on the right. You can choose to display thumbnails of the individual pages or just the page numbers.

On top, under the program main menu, you will find tools to modify the PDF file. First tool from the left is the page cutter tool. In our tests, we found that the page cutter tool supports drag and drop, although the main program interface does not support that feature. The page cutter tool launches in a separate window, and asks the user to drag and drop or open a PDF file. Once you do that, the tool will allow you to delete selected pages from a PDF file and then save the PDF file.


The rotate tool allows you to rotate the current page or all the pages of the PDF file. This tool can be very useful if you want to convert a vertical scrolling PDF file to a horizontal scrolling file or vice versa.

The next three tools are the highlight feature of the program. You will find three buttons labelled, small, medium, and large. These three buttons denotes the eraser tool and the label denotes the size of the eraser tool. The eraser tool will allow you to erase content from PDF pages easily like would normally do with an eraser.

Even though eraser is the main feature, the program includes additional tools that will help you to add text and images to PDF files. You can move the added text or images using the move tool.

PDF Eraser is available for free download at the developer homepage. Visit this page and use the download link and serial key to activate your full version.

Please note that the giveaway is valid until September 15, 2014.

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