Permanently Erase Files with Ashampoo FileWiper

File deleted from the hard drive can be recovered using data recovery software and other forensic tools. This is because, when you delete a file, Windows removes the file name and path from the file system and marks the cluster available to use. The deleted file can be easily recovered unless the free cluster where the file belonged is overwritten multiple times with new data. Therefore, if you have a file that really needs to be removed from the system in a way that it never can be recovered, you need this tool called Ashampoo File Wiper.


Ashampoo File Wiper comes with four different deletion methods: Fast (one write iteration), Default (three write iterations), DoD 5220.22 M (seven write iterations), Gutmann method (35 write iterations). As you have figured out by now, Fast is the least secure deletion method and Gutmann is the most secure, as it overwrites the free file space with random data thirty five times.

The interface is user friendly, you can drag-and-drop files and folders that you want to securely delete or manually add them using the dedicated file/folder buttons present on top of the interface. In addition to these buttons, the interface contains a dedicated button to wipe free drive space and securely remove recycle bin data.

File, folders, and drives that you have selected for secure deletion add up as a list in the white space below. You can execute all these tasks together by clicking on the destroy button. It also adds an entry in the Windows context menu and recycle bin menu, which allows you to execute secure deletion by using the right click.

Offer Details:
We were not able to find the list price or normal value of Ashampoo File Wiper, as the Ashampoo homepage does not mention the program anywhere. Anyhow, it is a free tool and will be very useful if someday you really want to wipe something off your hard drive.

Visit the offer page and register to receive your free license. file-wiper-registration

Download Ashampoo File Wiper: ashampoo_file_wiper_1.0.0_16765.exe [12 MB]

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  1. FaraUnID August 19, 2014 at 11:34 am #

    Ashampoo File Wiper is just a module from Ashampoo WinOptimizer and Ashampoo Anti-Malware with a catalog price of 9,95 USD.

    Therefore if you have installed Anti-Malware and /or WinOptimizer it’s just does not worth.

    For them this is just a way to collect some e-mails for newsletters marketing. And they are doing a very aggressive e-mails campaigns.

    You may skip this one.

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