PhraseExpander Standard Free License Key

If you spend too much time on a computer typing text, then you will realize that you are often typing the same phrases. PhraseExpander is a tool that will make your computer typing easier. It allows you to set text shortcuts of commonly used phrases and when you type that shortcut, it is replaced with the preset phrase. If instance, you can set “hayd” as shortcut for “how are you doing?”. Shortcuts can be used to type URLs, open programs, folders and so on. PhraseExpander works with all programs and even displays autocomplete texts as you type in real time.

Key Features:

  • Forget about copy and paste between documents.
  • Insert any text by typing a keyboard shortcut.
  • Quick Find: find the phrases you need by searching for them, in any application.
  • Clipboard History to quickly access the last items copied into the clipboard.
  • Insert your text snippets in plain text or rich text.
  • Store and synchronize phrases between your PCs in the Cloud.
  • Autocorrect your spelling mistakes.
  • Launch your favorite applications & websites in a snap.

PhraseExpander Standard is usually priced at $59. For only 24 hours, you can grab a free copy by registering on the GOTD offer page.

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