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Using a PC should be easy and enjoyable but often, your computer is slow to respond. This could happen when too many operations are running on your PC at the same time and therefore the program that is very critical for your work operation runs sluggish or freezes altogether. In such instances, you can use the windows task manager to set the priority of the processes, but the issue with that is, the process is tedious and needs a lot of research. Moreover, setting an incorrect priority to critical processes can ruin the system stability.

Executable List of Process Lasso Pro

Process Lasso 9 is a PC optimization software that helps you prioritize windows processes and programs on your computer in real time. The software also offers automated rules, CPU core optimization, and power-plan automation. The software is a bit complex, so, you may need a bit of time to understand it. It monitors the processes on your computer and keeps you updated on the memory and CPU usage on your PC.

The programs are allocated resources based on their requirements and you can make changes depending on certain applications. If your web browser is sluggish or you are playing a high-end game, you can make them priority applications to ensure that they run smoothly. Process Lasso is basically made to manage the resources of your PC adequately. You can even select bad processes to terminate always, which will eventually stop them from running on your system altogether.

With Process Lasso 9, you can filter through the processes and see what interests you. The application constantly refreshes, but pauses when you search for particular process and view the status.


Process Lasso 9 installs as smoothly as you can imagine. The setup is safe and free from any kind of third party ad-wares. Additionally, the installer is small in size, around 3mb and installation requires only about 50Mb of space for installation. You should take note that it only runs effectively on Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10, Windows server 2012 and 2016. You get the option to choose your preferred language during installation, although the language option can still be changed anytime.

Interface and Features

The software’s interface is packed with features, and it is quite smooth. Using the interface will take a bit of getting used to though, as it may seem complex at first. There is the standard menu bar with the generic interactive options at the top left corner for changing any options or elements in the application. Below the menu bar is a graph that shows the performance of the processor. There are bar charts on the right side of the graph showing the RAM load and CPU load. “Active processes” and “All processes” have two separate tabs for them.

The pane at the bottom has the “actions log”, which displays the action taken by ProcessLasso. The pane has additional options to “view log”, “search”, and “view insights” of the logged processes. The “Actions Log” pane displays only a limited number of entries, but you have the option to see the complete list by using the dedicated log viewer available under the “View” menu.

The right click context menu has options to change the default priority, plus the CPU, memory and IO priority. Moreover, you get a ton of options to manage your executable, some of the primary options include the ability to limit CPU core usage, assign power profiles, restrict the number of instances, and terminate processes.

Bottom Line

To put it simply, Process Lasso 9 is a more sophisticated version of the default Task Manager. The extra features might throw you off at first, but you should get used to the app in no time. When you do, you will be working with an application that gives you maximum control over the processes that run on your computer.

Grab Your Free Activation Key

A single user one year activation key of process lasso is priced at $19, but for a limited time, you can grab a key free of charge. Visit the Promo Page and register with your name and email to receive your free key.

License Request Form of Process Lasso

Download Process Lasso Pro

32-bit: processlassosetup32.exe [1.8 MB]
64-bit: processlassosetup64.exe [2 MB]

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  1. Josh Folgado January 21, 2020 at 4:35 am #


    I was lucky to find this page, love your product, been looking for something like that for many years.

    I appreciate your offer mentioned on this page to go to the Promo Page, and be fortunate to receive a free license for my Processo Lasso. I did so, registered as “joshfolgado”, received first email to add the password, went to link and completed the password process. After that I logged in and everything went ok.

    I am currently out of working, when back to work I would have purchase the paid version for sure, always have done that for all other software’s throughout the years.

    I havent received yet an email with a link with the free license, once I do I will update you.

    Thanks a lot…

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