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Shortcuts makes it easy for us to launch our favorite programs. Users who have a lot of applications installed on their system end up with a cluttered desktop and if they manage to keep their desktop clean by removing all the shortcuts, they have to scroll through endless icons on the start menu. Luckily, all the recent editions of windows starting from Windows 7 allows you to search for programs in the start menu, but that process can be slow and frustrating for launching apps that you frequently use. The much efficient way would be to set up keyboard shortcut keys on desktop icons, which often leads back to the aforementioned cluttered desktop problem.

SuperLauncher is a tool that allows you to execute your favorite programs, websites, files, system apps and actions using keyboard combinations. The interface is intuitive and displays the list of shortcuts for you to manage. There are some preset shortcuts, but not all of them have keyboard combinations associated with them. The preset list includes some handy system application shortcuts, such as command prompt, WordPad, calculator, MS paint, Notepad, Audio Mixer, plus system actions that can open control panel, and shutdown or restart system. Some popular website URLs are also included in the preset list that allows you to open it in the default browser. You can modify key combos of the preset list and remove items you do not need.


To a first time user, the preset list provides an ideal view on what kind of actions they will be able to execute using the launcher. The shortcut manager allows users to schedule shortcuts to launch at a specific time, add, modify, or delete shortcuts/key combos, and execute shortcuts manually from the list. The launcher features a floating desktop widget that is not enabled by default. The widget allows users to drag and drop shortcuts to the list. The complete shortcut list can be viewed by left clicking on the widget.

SuperLauncher has a retail value of $14.98, but our readers can grab it completely free. To grab your free copy, visit this page and register.

Please note that you will NOT receive any license after registering on the above page. Follow the “How to register” demonstration to activate your copy.

Download SuperLauncher: SPLaunchInstSF.exe [3.62 MB]

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