Radiotracker Standard 6 – FREE Special Version

Product Details :
Radiotracker allows you to listen to online radio stations or record music in MP3, MMF, or AMR format. The paid version of Ratiotracker (Platinum) will cost you $26.90. Radiotracker supplies you with free online music. Select an artist and get started. Radiotracker has database containing songs by over 70k artists. Simply select a favorite artist for the wish list and Radiotracker delivers the selected artist’s MP3 music as soon as it’s played on one of the 2k web radio stations monitored simultaneously. Radiotracker’s MusicFinder also finds a match song to one in the wish list every 25 seconds. Radiotracker is the only software in the world that also detects which stations play your favorites the most. MP3s from web radios ’til the hard drive overflows! Select one of the 80 genres and Radiotracker starts simultaneously recording MP3 songs from several radio stations immediately. Radiotracker has a station manager and other convenient functions for managing stations and favorites.

Key Features :

  • 19 music genres (Dance/House, Pop, Rap, Rock, Techno, Metal, Jazz, 80s, 70s, R&B, etc.).
  • More than 8000 Internet radio stations worldwide. MP3 music format. D3-tag compatible (the track title and the name of the artist and album are also saved).
  • Compatible with Windows XP / Vista / 7
  • Normalization (all music tracks are recorded at a uniform volume).
  • Music filter (no ads or jingles).
  • Fade (smoothes out the beginning and end of each track).
  • Perfect quality through minimum bit rate.
  • No duplicate music tracks (control of the stored music tracks.
  • The best possible version is always saved.
  • Full control of bandwidth utilization.
  • Control recording according to time and memory requirements.

Instructions :
Visit the following URL and and click on the ↓Download button to download the online setup of Radiotracker Standard 6.
The Page is in German but the program is available in both English and German Language.

Note : This is the special build free edition of radio tracker the setup contains a built in serial. You don’t need to enter any serial or key for this version to work. But you need to enter key or serial if you want to use the platinum version. Whenever the platinum version upgrade window pops up just click on the close button.

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