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Couple of weeks ago, we shared Sticky Password offer, which is a password manger. RoboForm is another password manager that does the same job. The program is available in two different editions, desktop and everywhere. The everywhere edition stores you data online, which allows you to synchronize your data with multiple computers, and mobile devices. Data saved in your desktop, will also be available in your mobile device. This is not possible with the desktop edition.

RoboForm adds itself as a browser toolbar in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Opera. User credentials can be saved in a single click as it prompts users to save password whenever they sign-in to a website. Bookmarks, identities, contacts, notes, and form data can also be saved using the toolbar. Almost, every function can be performed using the simple toolbar. Only the editor uses a separate window to let users easily manage their saved credentials.

To protect from hackers, websites are laying out complicated password rules for their users, which involves using a combination of lower case and upper case letters, numbers and symbols, and setting a longer password length. RoboForm’s password generator will help you here as it allows you to set the password length (up to 512 characters) and choose the type of settings required by the website.

RoboForm supports Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8 mobile operating system and Windows, Mac and Linux desktop operating system.

Offer Details:

You can enjoy free 1-year subscription of RoboForm, just use the order ID: 91W-3F2-CN9-P51  (via to activate your free 1 year subscription of Roboform everywhere.

Download Roboform Everywhere (Windows)

Activation Instructions:
Right click on the taskbar icon of Roboform, then navigate to Help -> Activate RoboForm. When asked to enter the order ID. Enter the above ID to activate.

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