Safe’n’Sec Personal 3 FREE 1 Year License Key

Safe’n’Sec is an antispyware software which provides comprehensive protection against unknown new Viruses, Trojans and other malwares that are currently running in your system. The program uses advanced behavioral techniques and unlike traditional antispyware programs detects malicious program by their behavior, rather than their code.

Key Features :

  • Unique proactive technology behavioral analysis and V.I.P.O solution.
  • Protect your data against all known malicious threats and unknown “zeroday” attacks.
  • The realtime information safety is provided by the newest solution of flexible system privilege delimitation.
  • Built in personal firewall blocks all Internet threats.
  • Protective efficiency does not depend on updates and presence of antiviral software.
  • Built in antivirus scanner maximizes safety level on your PC.
  • Accurate blocking of unknown malicious programmes without false triggering.
  • User friendly and intuitive interface.

Offer Details :

As part of another Avanquest promotion, you can now get a free one-year single user license of Safe’n’Sec Personal 2009, (originally worth $14.95). Follow these steps to receive your free key :
1. Visit the PROMOTION PAGE, enter the required details, then click on the “Proceed and receive your serial codes” button.

2. A page containing your product password will be shown. (which is actually your activation code)
3. Download Safe’n”Sec 2009 (version 3.5.0) and use the password you received in the above step to unlock/activate your product.

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