SafenSoft SysWatch Personal Free Activation Code

Developer’s description:

SafenSoft SysWatch Personal protects your computer proactively by controlling how applications behave. It keeps your whole system in a «known-good» state, preventing hacker attacks and malicious software from activating. SafenSoft SysWatch Personal works great combined with Microsoft Security Essentials software.

SafenSoft SysWatch Security Status
Key Features:

  • Dynamic Integrity Control: Protects all executable software on the system by detecting any unauthorized activation attempt and preventing the process from launching before damage can occur.
  • Application launch control: Detailed settings enable precise controls and prevent unknown processes from launching.
  • Application activity control: Controls how different applications can access files and folders, USB drives, registry keys, external devices, and network resources.
  • Script execution control: Detection and prevention of unauthorized VB and Javascript scripting language launches.
  • Dynamic sandbox: Unknown or potentially dangerous applications (for example, web browsers) are launched in an isolated area of your PC called a sandbox, so they cannot affect other processes or the system itself.

You can now grab a free full version license of SafenSoft SysWatch Personal, which would normally cost you $19.99. To grab your free license, access this page and enter the CAPTCHA code.

Alternatively, you can use the following download link and license to activate. (The same license is provided to everyone)

Download SafenSoft SysWatch: SafenSoft_SysWatch_Personal.exe [63.2 MB]


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    1 Year License?

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