ScreenBackTracker 1.0 Free Download

ScreenBackTracker by PCWinSoft is a tool that automatically captures screenshots without user intervention. The tool features a very simple interface, all you have to do is hit start and the tool automatically captures screenshots in the background. You can later view the screenshots as a slideshow. Unfortunately, you cannot save the screenshots as an image as the tool uses some kind of special compression to store images. However, you can convert the entire slideshow to AVI video file, which requires an additional tool (video renderer) that it will automatically download and install in your system the first time you create a video.


The tool cannot be scheduled to capture screenshots at a specific time or when a program is launched. You have to manually start capturing screenshots and manually stop it. Screenshot capture is set to full screen by default and you cannot specify an area or window you want to capture.

You can automatically delete screenshots that were taken days, hours or minutes ago. The tool is suitable if you want to review your own activity on your system or monitor the activity of someone else using your system while you are away.

Alessandro Ferri from PCWinSoft has organized an exclusive giveaway of ScreenBackTracker for our readers, which has a retail value of $9.95. Follow these steps to receive your free activation key:

  • Access this page and register with your email address. (You will NOT receive any email from the offer page)
  • Download ScreenBackTracker: ScreenBackTrackerInst.exe [1.43 MB]
  • Install and run the program.
  • You will be prompted to register the program. Select “Send REGISTRATION-KEY” to my email”. screenbacktracker-activation_213
  • Enter your valid email address.
  • The registration key will be send to your mail. Use this key to activate/unlock the program.

You may also see the “how to activate” demonstration if you are having issues. (Requires Flash).

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