SecureAPlus Premium Free 18 Months Subscription

SecureAPlus is a powerful anti-malware application armed with Universal AV, a unique cloud engine that combines 12 different antiviruses (Ahnlab, AVG, Avira, BitDefender, ClamWin, Emsisoft, ESET, McAfee, Microsoft Security Essentials, QuickHeal, Sophos, and TotalDefense) to protect users from sophisticated threats. SecureAPlus is designed to work alongside other antivirus programs, so if you already have an antivirus on your system there will be no conflict.

If you do not have an antivirus protection and need offline protection as well, SecureAPlus has you covered. The setup is available in two different builds, with offline AV and without offline AV. The app uses ClamWin AV for offline protection.

The app on first run performs a complete system scan, which whitelists all the trusted executables, and lists all the threats that are found on your system. The threats are listed with their filename, pathname and the AV engine detecting them. Since it uses 12 antivirus engines, there is a high chance that some of the detected threats are false positives. You are warned about this whenever a file is detected as threat by only one AV engine out of the twelve.


On the threats detected window, you are provided with three different course of actions, either delete the threats, or quarantine (which provides the possibility to restore the file in the future), or ignore permanently.

The app by default uses Interactive mode that only allows trusted or whitelisted executables to run on the system, while unknown executables need user consent to run. If the unknown executable is a threat, the real-time guard displays an alert with the virus name, path and AV engines marking it. There are two other modes available, Lockdown and Trust all. Lockdown mode blocks all unknown or untrusted executables, while Trust all allows any executable to run within a set time frame, or until

SecureAPlus has recently received a major overhaul with revamped user-friendly interface and improved performance. The interface displays the current protection status, plus the status of security modules, last scan date and update state. You can run a full system scan, and view the quarantine, threat log and exemption list, right from the main working window.secureaplus-protection-status

Advanced app settings allows you to select the Universal AV engines, toggle auto upload function, and set daily upload limit, which can come in handy if your ISP imposes data caps. Whitelisting rules allows you to trust only apps that are listed on Microsoft Certified List or Trusted Certified List. You can also disable signature based auto

SecureAPlus has extremely high detection rates, probably the highest we have seen in an Antivirus program. We were not surprised by this performance, as the application combines the power of most reputable antivirus vendors.

The app is available in two different editions: Free (valid for a year) and Premium. The following activation code that has been provided by the developers of SecureAPlus, offers our readers 18 months of free premium subscription.

Giveaway Steps:

  • Download SecureAPlus:
    SecureAPlusSetup_v4.3.0.exe (with offline AV) | SecureAPlusNoAVSetup_v4.3.0.exe (without offline AV)
  • Skip this step if you already have an activated SecureAPlus account. Create a SecureAPlus account by signing up and clicking on the confirmation email link sent after account creation. You MUST click on the link sent to activate your account in order to proceed and claim the giveaway.
  • Open SecureAPlus and go to Info & Licenses.
  • Login using your SecureAPlus Account created.
  • After logging in, you will see a Promo Code field. Enter the activation code 41D3-EB45-EC09-923B & click
  • Your license will be automatically upgraded to Premium and your SecureAPlus ID will be tagged to the SecureAPlus account you logged into. The license expiry should also update to 18 months from the date of activation.
  • You can check your license status by opening SecureAPlus, and then navigating to Info & Licenses -> License. You will see the word “Premium” to confirm that you have successfully claimed your free license worth at least $22.50.
Update: The giveaway has expired.

3 Responses to SecureAPlus Premium Free 18 Months Subscription

  1. O. Lamoree August 7, 2016 at 12:22 am #

    I have used SecureAPlus for a few months now and have NO complaints (except the menu page is a little too long). It starts at BootUp, then advises me a minute or two later that all is clean and SecureAPlus is on the job. ANYTHING that would possibly compromise my system causes SecureAPlus to pop up a very comprehensive analysis of what caused it and gives several options to proceed. What I like MOST about SecureAPlus is that it lets ME decide what I want to do with a warning and doesn’t just Block what I am trying to do or automatically send it to Quarantine. I LIKE that feature that respects MY wishes. Some “tools” I use tend to provoke a warning and SecureAPlus lets me proceed to use the tool even tho most other AV programs would Automatically block it or send it to Quarantine and stop my efforts. For this reason I am sticking with SecureAPlus until at least 2018 with this 18 month extension. Thanks guys, good job.

  2. Tretan August 7, 2016 at 1:51 pm #

    Thanks for your feedback, O. Lamoree. Glad we were able to help with the premium license :)

  3. Mario Green September 18, 2016 at 3:52 pm #

    It is full of silly animated icons iside the interface which i snot very user-friendly. This app does not use its own engine instead it send everything to the cloud and does the checkup there. That is why it is very slow and I am not sure we can trust sending them our files wich might have personal information including credit card information and very private stuff. This can lead to identity theft. I prefer programs with good reputations.

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