Skype 5 integrates Facebook and other exciting features

The new Skype 5 version for Windows hasn’t just come with a couple of bug-fixes or performance improvements but a whole bunch of new interesting features that intends to revolutionize the experience of its users. The new Skype greets its users with a cleaner interface, Facebook Integration, Automated Call Recovery and Group Video calling feature. It hasn’t been long that we have discussed about the collaboration of Skype with Facebook and this official release has just proved it right.

A Facebook tab has been added to the Skype interface which grants access to Facebook News Feed and Phonebook. It also allows the user to post messages, update status information and like or dislike others comments. The phonebook feature lets the user to call or text Facebook friends. This service is free if the person being called or SMS’ed is a Skype user otherwise a minor fee is levied for calling a non-Skype user on some other mobile or landline device.

Any Skype 5 downloader can try the beta version of its new group video calling feature for free. The service is dynamic in nature and automatically shifts focus to the current speaker in a video call,  making things easy during a call involving a large number of users. Another important feature of the Skype 5 is the Automated Call Recovery that reconnects calls that were disconnected for any internet connectivity problems. Quality Manager aims at improving the quality of the calls and provides suggestions for problems, if any.

These new features will surely provide a boost to Skype subscribers as the common users of Facebook and Skype will find it easier to strengthen their social networking bond with this joint service.

Download Skype 5.0 for Windows

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