Social network giant Facebook to partner with Skype

Web’s most popular social network, Facebook and the most acknowledged internet telephony service, Skype will soon be shaking hands by signing a strategic partnership agreement. This deal will positively influence the strength of the netwoking bond of Facebook by providing its 500 million users the advantage to remain in better contact with their friends by SMS, Voice chat or Video calling with the service of Skype. This integration of Skype with Facebook will seriously affect the position of Google voice.

Skype 5 proposed to be released in the following weeks will deploy Facebook Connect to provide a tab that will allow its users to SMS or call their Facebook friends. Providing the users with stronger communication tools will lead to a tighter community making Facebook all the more popular in the networking community. Skype will likely record a ‘shoot up’ in its monthly usage as well.

However, Skype 5 is currently undergoing beta testing and the Facebook integration has not yet appeared. Skype and Facebook have resented to give any comment on the news of their collaboration.


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