[Free] Soft Organizer 5.1.1

Most users use windows control panel to remove/delete installed applications. Windows control panel only uses the uninstaller associated with the application to remove its data. This may be good enough in some cases, but most applications have the tendency to leave traces on your computer even after they have been uninstalled. These can be in the form of folders, files, and registry entries. Initially, they may not cause any kind of issues, but eventually these accumulated traces will drastically reduce the performance of your system.

Soft Organizer is an application uninstaller for Windows that has been designed with simplicity. It lists all the applications in the main interface where you can sort and group applications according to their install date, name, developer and trace status.

It adds a “Install with trace” command in the windows context menu. Tracing is a powerful feature that creates a detailed log of the changes made to the system during installation of the application. This log is later used to uninstall and undo the changes made during the installation process.

Key Features:

  • Search for traces (residues) of the uninstalled program
  • Track installation of programs
  • Built-in program rating
  • Program description
  • Check for new versions
  • Remove multiple programs at once
  • Automatic restore points
  • “Silent” program installation
  • Sorting and grouping of the list
  • Export the list of installed programs to html
  • Program quick search function
  • Agent to detect installer launches

The retail version of Soft Organizer is priced at $30, however the following special edition developed for comss.ru can be downloaded completely free. The special edition does not have any usage limitations.

Download Soft Organizer 5.1 [9 MB]

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