Spotmau Tuneup Kit 2010 Free Download

Spotmau Tuneup Kit is a system utility that optimizes, cleans and speeds up your PC by removing spam and malicious software from your registry, deleting invalid registry entries, removing unnecessary startup programs, cleaning temporary or junk files and more. The program also tweaks your TCP/IP settings to optimize your internet connection and fixes IE problem, such as, unchangeable home page, IE settings errors, IE crash and so on.

Key Features:

  • Optimize, Clean & Speed up your system
  • Add/Delete programs which run at Windows Startup
  • Prevent some unwanted system services from running on your computer
  • Optimize your Internet speed
  • Protect your privacy by cleaning up all activity records on your computer
  • Smartly and completely uninstall any program
  • Repair IE problems
  • Restore IE default options
  • Memo display window
  • Digital clock and Calendar

Download Spotmau Tuneup 2010 [16.3 MB]

Grab your free license []

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