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With advancements in technology, it is now possible to work online, make business transactions and make purchases on the internet. As a result, our devices tend to store details such as credit card information and login details of sites that may also contain personal information, all of which are liable to identity theft. However, Steganos Privacy Suite 18 provides a myriad of tools that help you securely surf the web giving you the protection and privacy that you need. Some of the key features of this suite range from encrypting confidential files and emails, storing passwords securely to eliminating any traces of your internet activity.

Steganos Privacy Suite is designed to protect your sensitive information from data thieves and cyber criminals.
You may store your financial records in a simple Microsoft office document and save it on your PC, Laptop or USB stick, but if that device is stolen, the data is instantly available to the thief. Privacy Suite protects you from such scenarios by encrypting your data and making it impossible to be viewed by thieves.

The dedicated safes utility encrypts your documents and personal files and stores them in “safes”. Users can store the safe in their local drive or carry them around in a portable media such as USB stick, DVD, and CD without worrying about data theft. Only the owner of the safe can decrypt the data by entering the correct password.
Main Window of Steganos Privacy Suit
Since the safes are encrypted it also allows you to store your private files on cloud services like Dropbox and Google Drive. While the safe may seem very basic, Steganos provides users with its Crypt and Hide utility that essentially, utilizes the AES-XEX file encryption, keeping your data at maximum security and protecting you against identity thieves.

The trace destructor seems to be the most important utility in Steganos. It can clear up the recently used files list, temporary files, recycle bin, playback histories from Windows applications and most importantly your browsing session as soon as you exit the browser. Moreover, all Microsoft office application traces can be automatically wiped.

Another privacy tool, file shredder, does an impressive job of deleting personal files permanently as well as rewriting free space on a drive at a regular interval – making data unrecoverable to third party programs. Although, may not to be essential to everyone, but this utility goes as far as using sophisticated military procedures to wipe your entire hard drive in case you need to do so.

Steganos has forums where support and help can be found but the customer support may take some time to respond to your issue. If urgent assistance is needed, there is a live chat option as well.

Steganos Privacy Suite 18 has a decent set of features and particularly excels at encrypting personal information. It safely removes online and offline traces, wipes files and is capable of freeing disk space. Overall, the software provides an excellent level of protection for your personal data.

Steganos Privacy Suite 18 has a retail price of $59.95, but for a limited time, you can receive a free serial key by registering with your email address on the Promotion Page. (See translated screen below)
Page to request serial number of Steganos Privacy Suite
Download Steganos Privacy Suite 18 [57 MB]

You will receive a confirmation mail from [email protected] Click on the confirmation link to receive your free serial number.

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