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Private data should never be stored on your system without encryption. Microsoft Windows starting from Windows 8 provides support for encryption with the included tool known as Bitlocker, but if you want a more secure and flexible encryption solution, you should try out Steganos Safe.

Steganos Safe uses a different approach to encryption, instead of encrypting entire drives the suit uses safes (containers) to store encrypted data. The safes can be mounted as a drive, and used in windows explorer like any other normal drive. The suite also provides the option to treat the drives as a removable disk.

The interface displays two different modules, create a new safe and open a hidden safe. Creating new safes opens up a wizard where you are provided with three different options: safe, portable safes and cloud safes.

Steganos Safe Interface

The program by default creates safes in “My Documents” folder, but you can change the location, and create safes on local disk drives, removable drives, and even network drives. The safe creation wizard asks for label, drive letter, path, size and password of the safe. Defining the size of the safe is important, if you want to create a hidden safe, the size of the safe has to be smaller than 3 GB. Hidden safes can be embedded into video, audio or executable files, without breaking functionality of the original file.  You can also choose a dynamic size for your safe, but in that scenario, the hidden safe feature will be unavailable. For setting secure password, the wizard offers a password generator tool that creates passwords based on the parameters set, plus a PicPass tool that allows you to select a series of pictures or symbols as password.

Safes that are created will be displayed on the main interface besides the two modules. You can create a safe-in-safe by right clicking on the particular safe. What safe-in-safe does is create another safe inside of your main safe that has a different password. This feature can come in very handy if you are forced by someone to reveal the password of your safe. In such a scenario, you can reveal the safe-in-safe password that will display the contents of the inner safe, instead of the main one.

In addition to creating safes on local drives, you can create one for your portable storage like CD/DVD or USB drive and even for your cloud storage account: Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive

If you had sensitive data on your hard drive prior to creating safes, you can wipe them securely with the included shredder. The shredder can be accessed from the extras menu, where you can drag and drop files or folders for secure deletion. You can also use the shredder to securely wipe free space or use the complete disk shredder to wipe entire partitions.

Grab your free serial:

Steganos Safe has a retail value of $39.95, but for a limited time, you can grab a free serial number of the product. Visit the OFFER PAGE, enter your email address and click on the “Seriennummer anfordern” button to receive your free serial.

Registration Page

Download Steganos Safe 18: safe18intwr.exe [32 MB – English]

Activation Instructions:

Click on “Buy” – A pop up window will show up. Enter / paste the 15-digit serial number that was sent to your email. Hit “OK” to activate.

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