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BDLot Blu-ray Ripper Free License Key

BDLot Blu-ray ripper is a powerful Blu-ray Decrypting and copying tool that can create perfect backup copies of purchased blu-disks. It supports most of the latest copy protections including region code, UOPs, encryption AACS (even the latest AACS MKB v26, AACS bus encryption), BD+ (even the 10th Generation) and more. With its unique copying technology, […]

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Get free copies of BDLot DVD Clone Ultimate 3.1

LotSoft is offering free copies of the latest version of BDLot DVD Clone Ultimate as Thanksgiving presents. BDLot DVD Clone Ultimate uses Unique Sector-to-Sector copying technology and GPU accelerating technology to make perfect and quick backup copies of your original DVD disks. It is capable of decrypting DVD disks that are protected with CSS, CPRM, […]

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