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Start Window of Cinema HD

Cinema HD 4 Free Download

Do you prefer watching your video collection on your big television, instead of your portable player or computer monitor? Then Cinema HD is an application that will suit your needs. Cinema HD is a video converter designed to upscale or downscale video resolution so that it matches your native device resolution. Videos that have in […]

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Free CDRWIN 10 Serial Number

CDRWIN is a reliable disk-burning suit that will allow you to burn CD, DVD and Blu-ray disks. The interface is simple, and on first glance, you will be able to figure out what you can do and cannot do on this suit. It has the ability to backup disks in the form of an image […]

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Videomizer 2 Free Download with License Key

Videos recorded from smartphones and other handheld cameras often add shakes and vibrations to your videos. Most of these handheld devices lack optical image stabilization technology, which is why you may end up with shaky footage even when trying to record with a very steady hand. Shaky footage can be corrected with video optimization programs, […]

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Download Photomizer 2 SE for FREE

If you are new to image editing and have very little knowledge about it, then photomizer is the right program for you. It is an extremely easy to use image enhancement program that uses a number of photographic tools for image manipulation. With photomizer you can automatically enhance your dull photos by re-adjusting tonality, increasing […]

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Android Converter 2 Free Download

Android Converter by Engelmann is designed to convert media in Android compatible format. Android is currently the most popular smartphone OS, and this converter makes sure that media downloaded from the internet or available from other sources such as DVDs, is playable on your Android device. The converter can convert audio, video and image files. […]

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Free MakeMe3D Serial Key

3D movies are popular in theaters but some of you may already be aware that 3D movies can also be enjoyed in your computer. All you need is a pair of 3D glasses and a video file in 3D format. Most of the movie releases are in standard 2D DVD format, but with MakeMe3D, you […]

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Photomizer Scan 2 Free Download with Code

Photomizer Scan 2 allows users to easily edit scanned photos, slides and even negatives.  The program features 1-click optimization that does most of the job. It automatically removes noise/grain, and optimizes color tone, saturation, contrast and light/dark tone. It also supports manual optimization of scanned images. Object detection allows working on only a particular area […]

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Mobile Video 2.0 Free Download with Key Code

Mobile Video 2.0 is the all-in-one solution to convert videos for your mobile device . The program can convert (unprotected) Video-DVDs and common video files for a wide range mobile devices like Sony PSP, Microsoft Zune, Windows Mobile, Apple iPod touch, iPhone, portable multimedia players, BlackBerry, navigation devices and Android-based smart phones. (more…)

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Grab free copies of i-Studio 6.0

i-Studio 6 is a powerful music and video converter designed especially for Apple users. It supports a wide range of input formats including DVD video formats, audio CDs, video file formats (DivX, HDX4, WMV), and audio file formats (Ogg, Vorbis, MP3 and WMA). Supported video formats can be converted to MP4 and audio formats can […]

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