The most dangerous place to use the internet?

During the last week of July, the AVG team have done some research on the risk of facing  malicious attacks while browsing the internet in different countries. They have taken data from almost 127 million users from almost 150 different countries and made a statistic to better show off the risks.

Internet users in Turkey, Russia, the Caucasus and South-east Asia for example show disproportionately higher rates of being attacked than the global average of 1 in 73.

On the other end of the scale is Japan – a country where both Internet use and broadband protection is very high – but where AVG  software only picked up a web attack for every 403rd user. Conclusion is that Japanese web surfers are generally more aware of safe and risky surfing behaviours.

If you are travelling without your computer and use a public machine or borrow a friend or colleagues, ensure that when accessing web -based services like email, that you log out and close the browser when you have finished your session and that you don’t agree to store any passwords or log-in information on that machine.

If you are taking your laptop with you ensure you have backed up your data and removed any sensitive information from your machine.

Source:AVG Blog

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