TrustPort Tools Free 3 Months Trial Code

TrustPort Tools is an ideal solution for businesses and individuals who are looking for a security suite to protect their sensitive information. The program uses encrypted archives to store data. The encrypted archive can be mounted in the form of virtual disks, which allows you to work on them like regular disks. The major advantage of this technique is that it allows archives to be carried around in portable devices without the risk of data leaks. Moreover, if required, you can create users profiles that will grant full access or  read-only access to archives.

Key Features:

  • Encrypted archives provide superior level of data security.
  • Virtual disks allow users to copy, move, delete, and modify files on archives.
  • Create users profiles with different access privileges.
  • Secure data shredding rules out restoring data.
  • Use system clean-up to quickly remove temporary files, surfing history, recycle bin files.
  • Activate emergency shredding by using a hotkey and remove multiple files and folders at once.
  • Portunes protects sensitive data, such as information about credit card numbers, bank account numbers, user names and passwords, pins, including private notes, etc.

TrustPort Tools has a retail price of $12. The following promotion will provide you with a 90 days trial license:

  • Access this registration page and register with the promo code RUCB2013TOOLS. The registration page is in Russian, use Google translate or an auto-translation browser such as Google chrome to translate the page to English. (Or view attached screenshot)
    Note: The security certificate of the registration page has expired, which will trigger a warning message in your browser. Select “Continue Anyway” in Google Chrome, or “Confirm Security Exception” in Firefox or “Continue to this website” in Internet Explorer to access the registration page.trustport-tools-registration
  • You will soon receive an email from [email protected] with your free license key.trustport-tools-activation-code
  • Download TrustPort Tools: TrustPort_Tools_13.0.10.5106.exe [19.4 MB]
  • Install and use the free license key to activate your trial subscription.

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