Valve wants to make a Half-Life movie

Movies based on games appear very often and the problem with them is that the game is probably very good and the movie based on the game is very bad.That is why Valve does not agree with Hollywood producers making a movie based on the Half-Life game.

The managing director of Valve, Gabe Newell, said that the main reason they don’t want to let others make the movie is that the ideas of those producers were bad, very bad.The problem with them is that do not understand how Half-Life got to be so popular and why people actually love it.This is why a future fail would be inevitable.

That is why the best ideas they cold come up with was to make the movie themselves or just not make it at all.They are trying to explore the first idea first with a new video about the Team Fortress game, the Meet The Spy video:

If we look at the last game inspired movies, movies like DOOM 3, Hitman, max Paine and Prince of Persia, making a movie about half-Life by the same Hollywood producers doesn’t seem to be the best idea ever.

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