VBA32 Personal Antivirus Free 180 Days Subscription

VBA32, which is short for Virus Block Ada 32, is an antivirus software designed to protect you with real-time detection from viruses, mail worms, and Trojan programs. The software is not very well known in the antivirus scene but has been impressive in detecting unknown malwares with its new type of heuristic approach known as MalwareScope. Apart from that, other impressive features include small sized updates with the help of “Deltapatching Technology” and very low use of system resources.

The structure of Vba32 Personal contains:

  • On-access scanner
  • On-demand scanner
  • Auto-update system
  • Explorer context menu extension
  • Plug-ins for the mail clients The Bat!, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange client
  • POP3-filter for incoming e-mail messages check irrespective of the used e-mail client
  • Script-filter that protects from malicious scripts execution in Microsoft Internet Explorer and Microsoft Outlook Express, and also in any other applications that use the technology of Microsoft Windows Scripting Host

The developers of VBA32 recently gave away six months license of VBA32 Antivirus Personal on their official blog. The following activation code was given away with free subscription valid until November 15, 2012.

Activation Code: LGTRU-4LQK7-3H1BJ-7VE4H

Download links:
VBA32 Antivirus for Windows 7 / Vista: Vba32.Vista.exe [105 MB]
VBA32 Antivirus for Windows 9x/2000/NT/2003/XP:  Vba32.P.exe [103 MB]

Activation guide:

  • Install VBA32 with the evaluation key, then after the installation is complete, restart your computer.
  • Right click on the VBA32 taskbar icon and select “Activate”. An activation wizard will be displayed.
  • Select “Use Activation Code” and click “Next”.
  • Enter the free activation code and click “Next”.
  • VBA32 will connect to the internet and complete the activation process. You will receive the following screen upon successful activation.

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