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You must always protect your videos by adding watermarks to avoid your work from being stolen and passed off by others as their own. You can add your brand information, domain, and other copyright text that shows that you or your company is the sole proprietor of the produced video. Video Watermark Maker allows you to add text, images, or a combination of both as watermark. You can add and combine as many watermarks you want, as each watermark is created in their own separate layer. This also allows you to control each watermark individually and change their opacity, size, position without affecting other watermarks.


The current version of video watermark maker supports a limited number of video formats: AVI, MP4, WMV, MPG, FLV, VOB, and some of the most popular formats like MKV and MOV are not supported – even though the product website lists them as supported format.

The application interface is easy to understand where the added files are listed on the left sidebar and the current video preview with watermark is displayed in the main large window. Watermark layers can be turned off or set to be displayed only on set intervals. If you have overlapping watermarks, you can move the layers up and down like in Photoshop.

Powerful batch processing support can be used to apply the same watermarks on multiple videos. Watermark is automatically scaled to maintain the same size in all videos regardless of the video resolution.

Video Watermark Maker is suitable for both home and professional users. The program is priced at $19.99, but for a limited time, you can get it free. Visit this URL and enter your email address to receive your free license key.softorbits-watermark-maker-registration

Download SoftOrbits Video Watermark Maker: WatermarkMaker.exe [10 MB]

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