Windscribe VPN 50GB Free Traffic Every Month

Windscribe VPN is user friendly, easy-to-use and stays true to their promise of providing secure and private internet access. It has great versatility as it can be used or attached to a variety of devices from your web browser to your mobile device. Windscribe is one among the very few that supports open source router firmware such as DD-WRT and Tomato.

There are many pros of using Windscribe. The first would be their dedication to privacy. With a good encryption of AES-256 cipher and 4096-bit RSA keys, Windscribe delivers its promise for privacy from third parties who wish to hack into activity of VPN users, so the security of the Windscribe user is assured. Moreover, one of the general features boasted by this VPN is its log less policy where the record and activity of the user is deleted to safe keep their privacy.  Using Windscribe under its free plan, it offers many different kinds of services from unblocking geo-restricted content, blocking ads, rotating user agents and deleting cookies. Option to turn off internet connectivity altogether is also present in case your connection to Windscribe’s server terminates. All these just shows that security and privacy is Windscribe’s prime concern.

Windscribe VPN Server Locations

Windscribe gives access to 11 different servers across North America, Europe and Asia, which is on the higher side, especially when you consider that it is all under the free plan. If you decide to opt for the premium plan, you will be provided access to over 52 servers each in a different country. Moreover, you get Windflix – a feature that unblocks US Netflix, which is uncommon in VPNs, especially since Netflix is known to mass-block VPN IPs. Windscribe also provides an extensive support network with a live chat on its website and various Reddit forums in order for questions and concerns to be addressed as soon as possible.

The limitations to Windscribe’s free plan include a data cap of 10GB each month and an average speed limit but those who plan to use Windscribe occasionally may find it very useful. In our tests, the servers were capable of download speed up to 16 mbps, which is decent for a free plan. The speed varies with the server location you choose, so make sure to change locations and run speed tests on sites such as and to find the best server.

There are many reasons why people decide to use VPN, Windscribe is useful with protecting data, unblocking sites from different countries and can be used under a free plan. Generally, Windscribe is a good VPN to use under its free plan for novice users who do not need a 24/7 VPN connection. While many free VPNs fall short on privacy and logging policies, Windscribe makes it a priority even in its free plan. Knowing what you want out of your VPN is key in choosing the best one and so if privacy and protection of data is your main reason for using a VPN, then Windscribe’s may just be for you.

50 GB Free Traffic Per Month

Windscribe free plan without a valid email address is limited to 2 GB of free traffic per month. To unlock 50 GB free data, Create New Account using the voucher code: KOMPUTER  (Click on the “Have a voucher?” link and paste the code). Update: January 2020 – The promotion has expired, but you can still get 10GB of free bandwidth every month by signing up with a valid email address. Make sure to confirm your email address by clicking on the confirmation link sent by Windscribe.

Create Windscribe Account

Make sure to use a valid email address (do not use disposable email), and verify your email address.

Email Confirmation

Login to your Windscribe account, and then navigate to “My Account” to check your account status and bandwidth usage.

Account Status

Windscribe is available for desktops, web browsers, mobile devices, routers, plus devices that support VPN/proxy protocols.

Download Windscribe For Your Device

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