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WinToHDD Professional is a simple tool that is used to reinstall the Windows operating system to a computer.  The app allows users to install Windows from an ISO, WIM, ESD, SWM, VHD, VHDX file without using a CD/DVD or USB drive

The idea behind the creation of the application was to make the reinstallation process so easy and straightforward that even the average computer user with limited knowledge of computer technology can make use of it.

WinToHDD saves you the stress attached with the more common methods of reinstalling Windows – including the use of a DVD/CD or the creation of a bootable USB drive. The one thing that you will need that the application will not automatically provide by itself is the installation image file of the Windows edition that you are trying to install.

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Functioning as a system clone tool, WinToHDD Professional can make a clone of an existing Windows OS installation into another disk drive – possibly an HDD or a SSD. As the “clone” title suggests, the application will make a precise clone of the selected operating system by copying all the operating system’s files, the installed applications and all other custom settings. This saves you the stress of reinstalling applications or reconfiguring your system settings after cloning the Windows version.

Finally, WinToHDD Professional can also help to create a multi-installation USB drive. The way this works, you can create a single installation USB for versions such as Windows vista/7/8.x/10 and then install any of these versions from the same drive on both UEFI and BIOS computers.

Features at a glance

  • Installation of Windows 2008/Vista/2012/7/8.x/10/2016 using a WIM/ISO/SWM/ESD/VHDX/VHD image file or any suitable disc drive as your source of installation
  • Reinstallation of Windows 2008/Vista/2012/7/8.x/10/2016 from a WIM/ISO/SWM/ESD/VHDX/VHD file without a USB drive or disc drive.
  • Operating system cloning from an old disk to a new one. Supported versions include Windows 2008/Vista/2012/7/8.x/10/2016.
  • Creation of a multi-installation USB drive. Suitable for 32bit and 64bit computers alike, you can create this multi-installation drive on UEFI and BIOS computers.
  • Free technical assistance
  • Supported Windows versions include Windows 2008/Vista/2012/7/8.x/10/2016/
  • Includes support for Enterprise editions of Windows operating systems.

Bottom Line

WinToHDD addresses a need for an easier approach to a task that used to be a hassle for PC users with limited knowledge about the setup of their operating systems. You may have had to take your PC to a professional to get your operating system refreshed/reinstalled in the past, but with WinToHDD, you can handle the process by yourself a lot more easily. Overall, the tool is potentially a very useful addition.

Free Professional Edition Key

WinToHDD Professional is available at a retail price of $29. However, for a limited time, you can grab a free license by registering on this Giveaway Page.
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