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There are many possible reasons to convert a video. In the same vein, there are many tools and software that you can use to perform this task. However, only some of these tools actually function perfectly, so you may have a bit of trouble picking one out by yourself. This article focuses on of one of the better options available, WonderFox HD Video Converter Pro.

This article is focused on the premium version of the product – hence the “Pro” tag attached to its name. There is a free version available for download too, but the premium version packs more features, but does that justify the Pro tag? Let us take a look at the Pro edition:


On quick glance, you will see a slider to adjust the resolution of output videos. The app can convert videos to UHD (4K), FHD (1080p), HD (720p), DVD (480p) and even custom resolutions. While this will not increase the actual quality of the video, it will make it playable on media players that only support these resolutions.
Main Wndow of Wonderfox HD Video Converter Factory ProThe converter supports an incredible amount of video formats and devices, numbering up to three hundred in fact. It allows for batch conversion so you do not have to work on one at a time when you have many videos to convert. There is an online video uploader for putting up your videos on specific websites and a video downloader to download from the internet into your device.

The video downloader works by analyzing the URL that the user has pasted, and then displaying the various resolutions or formats of that video available, if any, on that specific URL. User can then choose to download the specific video resolution of their choice. The major advantage with the video downloader is the fact that support is not limited to web streaming sites. In fact, any URL that contains a video can be downloaded using this tool.

Newly introduced compression setting allows you to control the size of the output file with ease. As you move the compression slider, the app estimates the output size and displays it on the queue list.

You can compress videos such that they can fit into your devices with smaller storage space. Even though this is a video converter, audio conversion and extracting audio from videos is possible, which is a very helpful feature.

Editing functions includes the standard split, merge, crop, trim, and allows various preset effects to be added to videos.


In a bid to pack features and a great-looking UI into a program, some developers tend to sacrifice a significant amount of performance. It was refreshing to discover that this is not the case with the WonderFox HD Video Converter Pro.

The app does pack quite a number of features, and the interface is relatively smooth but it definitely does not feel like any sacrifices were made in terms of performance. You pay for premium and you get fast performance as promised.

Room for improvement

As mentioned earlier, the interface is quite smooth. However, we believe that it does leave quite a bit to be desired and can be improved upon, as it looks and feels generic.

We also felt like the video downloader can be improved, as it does not support batch jobs so the end user is stuck waiting for one download to complete before they can start another one.

Bottom Line

A quality video converter that does the job without much of a fuss. Interesting features and no major flaws, it is definitely recommended.

Grab Your Free Registration Code

Wonderfox, until August 8, is offering our readers free full version copies of HD Video Converter Factory Pro, which normally retails for $49. Visit the Offer Page and click on the “Get It Free” button to receive your free license information.
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