Yahoo! Mail beta arriving with a cleaner, faster interface

Yahoo Mail, the primary service offered by Yahoo, has been redesigned with a new look. This new make-over was unveiled at the Yahoo headquarters at its optimistically named event – “Product Runaway“.The mail service of Yahoo has been amended with a few key changes.The primary ones being the change in the feel and interface. These changes are aimed at providing the users a much faster mailing experience. The new Yahoo Mail will also be supported by many mobile devices.

Apart from all this, Yahoo has also decided to integrate SMS and Instant Messaging with the main Yahoo inbox.Facebook and Twitter users will get the privilege of receiving updates on the landing page of Yahoo mail.Search results will have a more prominent blend of news and entertainment.In the words of Blake Irving, the executive vice president of the company, “Yahoo Mail has been re-architected from the ground up”.The opt-in beta version of Yahoo Mail! is going to be available to the 281 million Yahoo users in the next few weeks.

[via Yahoo! Mail Blog]

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