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YoWindow is an innovative screensaver that displays visual information about your local weather. Now, you may be thinking that there are loads of weather apps on the market, and you would be right. However, YoWindow’s approach of actually “showing you” the weather is a step ahead of the usual reports that you may be used to.

YoWindow instead shows you a beautiful scene from the countryside with weather changes according to real-time reports and conditions. During times of snow, fog, rain, wind, thunderstorms or any other kind of weather, the situation will be mirrored in the scene displayed by the YoWindow screensaver. The best part about it is, it is not a static picture that just flips whenever the weather changes; it is an animated image. This means that you will be able to actually watch the rain drops fall, or watch the lights in a house in the scenery go on and off, or watch the animated bushes sway in the wind.

Additional Features

Apart from the weather switches, the landscape screensaver also stays in tune with other seasonal changes. For example, it stays a distinct green in the summer and gradually fades into the yellowish tint associated with autumn. Minute details such as the position of the sun and the points where it rises and sets are also as accurate as can be.

Apart from the aesthetic pleasure that you get from looking at these little details, the app also adds background sound that corresponds to the current scenery. We were really impressed by the fact that the developers paid so much attention even to the tiniest details.

Regarding technical information that you may actually need, YoWindow displays information such as wind pressure, speed, temperature, humidity and other similar statistics. You get a forecast of the expected weather situation for the next couple of days, and there is an “options” tool that offers you a wide variety of selections to pick from to fully customize the app to function exactly the way you want it to. This makes it easier for you to focus its functionality on the things that you actually need from the app, leaving out whatever you do not regard as necessary.

Supported Platforms

YoWindow Unlimited Edition is supported to function on a number of Windows operating systems. These include Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and the Windows 10 operating systems. Internet Explorer is a pre-requisite so you need to have it installed for the app to function properly. Interestingly, the app is also available on other platforms. These include the Mac OS X, iOS and Android platforms.

Bottom Line

YoWindow is different, and this is where its strength lies. It provides the basic information that you need from a weather app, but the developers have gone a step further to make the experience a bit more pleasant.

Grab Your Free License Key

Visit the Offer Page and enter the required details to receive your free license key of YoWindow Unlimited. The unlimited edition of the app allows you to add/change a infinite number of cities and see the weather forecast of the next 8 days.Registration Page of YoWindow Unlimited

Download YoWindow Unlimited: yosetup.exe [16.2 MB]

Activation: Open YoWindow then navigate to Help -> Register -> Enter the license key that was sent to your email and hit OK to activate.

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