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We use antiviruses and firewalls to protect our system, but even the most advanced antiviruses out there can miss stealth keyloggers. Some antiviruses offer virtual keyboards to protect users from keyloggers, but even virtual keyboards can leak data, as keyloggers are smart enough to capture on screen actions, URL visits, clipboard history and even access microphone and webcam without user permission.

Zemana AntiLogger was designed to protect users from any kind of keyloggers present out there. It is not designed to replace your antivirus program, but instead work with it to provide better protection. The program features four powerful protection modules: keystroke, screen capture, clipboard, and webcam/microphone, which provides complete protection from any kind of keyloggers out there.

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Main Window of Zemana Antilogger
Here is a roundup of some of the features of Zemana Anti-logger

Financial Malware Protection
Despite the fact that banks and a host of other financial institutions have put extra protection measures in place to guard their software, hackers still find a way to get around them. They have succeeded in developing some of the most sophisticated SSL sniffers and Trojans ever seen to steal confidential data from your computers while you type into it.

Zemana Anti-logger offers a strong level of protection against this. If you have it installed on your computer, it will act as a keylogger eliminator, intercepting the vulnerability to keylogging attacks and shut down attempts. You can rest be assured and not have to worry if your data is being stolen every time you type in a password or some personal financial information into your computer.

Cloud Response System
The software also references to Intelliguard in real time. Intelliguard is a system that houses a database of updated information about known threats found out by community intelligence. Whenever any of these threats are detected, Zemana Antilogger will automatically block the threat without sending any prompts.

Screen Capture Protection
Unauthorized screen capture is also a way through which hackers get personal information from a person’s computer. If your screen is displaying sensitive information and it has been infiltrated by this malware, anybody on the other side will have access to the on-screen information. Zemana Antilogger also offers protection against this.

Keystroke Logging Protection
This method of hacking is so common that it is probably only done by amateur criminals now. However, a person that does not have prior knowledge about how it works is still very prone to an attack. Criminals can still collect login credentials from your computer by logging your keystrokes as you type them into your computer. If you have Zemana Antilogger installed, you get a prompt whenever this happens.

Clipboard Remote Access Protection
We use the copy/paste function on our computer, but malware can form an attack to steal information from the Windows clipboard. If that attack is a success, whatever information is available on the clipboard, will be accessible to hackers, but if you have Zemana Antilogger installed then you have nothing to fear.

Protection from Mic and Webcam Hijacking
Your microphone and your webcam, built in for your personal use and comfort can be turned against you and used as a surveillance camera by hackers. They can remotely turn these features on through spyware, if you have no protection installed. Zemana Antilogger offers the protection that you need in this department as it displays a prompt whenever anyone tries to turn on these components.

Bottom Line

Zemana AntiLogger protects users from all types of information stealing malwares. Unlike other security programs, Zemana AntiLogger does not rely on signature updates to detect keyloggers but instead uses a unique powerful, anti-action technology that can detect and eliminate a wide range of information stealing threats.

Grab Your Free License

The following giveaway license will activate your Zemana Antilogger free for 1 Year, which usually costs $29.95 to purchase.

License Key: GIVEAWAY-4245-5487

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Please note that the giveaway license will only work for new users. If you are an existing Zemana Antilogger user, then this license may not work.

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