ZenMate VPN Free 3 Months Premium Subscription

ZenMate started out as a free service, but later broadened to include premium packages that offer more features and better protection. The free service is only available as a browser add-on for Firefox, Chrome and Opera, and only protects your web browsing traffic. Other outgoing system traffic is left unprotected. Another downside with the free service is that virtual locations are limited to only four locations: USA, Germany, Hong Kong and Switzerland.

The premium service on the other hand is available for desktop and mobile platforms – Windows, Mac, Android and iOS, and offers users 22 different virtual locations to choose from that include: Austria, Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Moldova, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom and United States.

The premium servers are capable of offering top-notch speeds even during peak traffic hours. Premium plans have a monthly subscription fee of $8.99. The long-term plans offers more savings. Half-yearly plan is priced at $44.99 ($7.49/month) and yearly plan at $59.99 ($4.99/month).

ZenMate is currently offering free 3 months premium subscription to Facebook and VK.com social network users. To grab your free subscription, access this page and share the offer on your social networking profile.

  • You will receive the premium code after sharing the offer. Copy the code and click on the “Free” button.
  • You will be redirected to the login page. Create a new account and your account will be automatically activated with the premium subscription code. (Do not use your existing account – The promotion is only valid for new users)
  • Download ZenMate VPN

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